garden miracles and confession

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This punnet of beautiful teeny seedlings turned into a riot of cut and come again salads in no time at all. Spring is full of miracles. The garden is a great place for me to hang out and tune into the wonder of the world. It helps keep me grounded and in touch with what is really important. 

It’s all looking lush at the moment, but this is when I am all keen. As summer gets underway, the tricky bit is to keep popping down to the garden and sowing new salads, radishes, greens and beans. Confession: usually I get distracted. I am determined to get the balance right this year. We’ll see! Jed has a bunch of carrots and corn in his patch. A new hose attachment head with different settings has him enthusiastic about watering duties too. 

I love starting the day picking greens for the rabbit’s breakfast, snacking as I go on fresh greens myself. Nothing like a bit of chickweed or bok choy straight from the earth. It doesn’t get fresher than that. Even when I lived in a temporary rental in town I had the pots with greens and herbs in a sunny spot on the porch. Can’t help it, freshness tastes so good!

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