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I did bring home some treasures from the Vintage Textile Fair. Despite being a tad skint at the moment, I gave myself a budget and couldn’t believe what I managed to bring home. This amazing hand embroidered purse for one. I am partial to vintage embroidery. And four pieces of great fabric. $5 each! Each piece has at least 2 metres, if not three or four. Plenty for a garment or two. Joy! (Er, those of you who are non-fabric appreciators might like to skim this post!)

The red black and white geometric and floral print is 100% pure silk and feels like a dream. Four metres of it for five dollars! I did a happy dance. The black and white is a cotton voile with embroidered edges, exactly what I had been looking for. And rare. For those who don’t know about these things.

A hefty gingham cotton weave in navy and blue. And the fuzzy one in the photo is five metres of a polished vintage cotton in a mossy green with white spots. A summer dress perhaps? Certainly enough to get me inspired and creating late into the night.

And this little number is a Liberty sundress, or should I say frock?! I didn’t try it on and it doesn’t fit. It’s lovely but…I don’t think it is quite my colour either so it will sit until it’s rightful owner fronts up. I couldn’t take a decent photo of it as someone kept popping into the frame, which was hilarious, he’d ninja into the room when I was busy behind the camera and I wouldn’t realise until I’d hit the shutter. Beagle! As we say around here.

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