Vintage Textile Fair – tactile and visual heaven

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I think it is the third year in a row I have gone to the Auckland Vintage Textile Fair and it is so interesting to observe what I am drawn to. Bright colour, embroidery and hand woven textiles this year. I love the fact I can reach out and touch everything, I am such a tactile person…it drives me a bit nutty that I can’t touch anything in Museums and Galleries, I have to jam my hands in my pockets! Such a feast for the fabric and textile loving senses. And so very fabulous to see everyone all dressed up in their vintage finery. My favourite stall was this one below. I had a wee chat with Pania from Fuzzy Vibes and she is just lovely. Her collection was beautifully curated and made me want to linger. 

I will leave you with a mini photo essay called ‘What took my fancy’. xx

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