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There has been need of some sewing therapy lately. With attending Fabric-a-brac and the Vintage Textile Fair in the last few weeks, there has been a healthy dollop of inspiration. And a few beautiful additions to my fabric stash. I have a pile of projects on the crafting pile, or mid-design or being dreamed up. This one is a light fabric I have had put away since last season. Knowing me, it was from an op shop or salvaged from somewhere, but I can’t remember where it came from. It has a lovely drape to it and feels like heaven on.

I used a vintage Butterick 7762 pattern, borrowed from my friend Ange, of Mermaids Purse. It had no instructions so I had fun making it up as I went along. Tucked in, or out, I really like it. It’s the second one I have made. I wear loose shirts a lot in the summer, they are cool and keep the fierce NZ sun off. Because we live at the beach, something classy and cool to throw on over togs while watching kids play in the water is key for me. Yesterday was the first official day of Spring here in the Southern Hemisphere…bring it on, I say. It’s been a long rainy winter here, colder than usual. We’ve had way more wood fires than we would usually. Cosy and good for crafting and dreaming in front of!

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