The Zoo books – a review

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We are so lucky to live within an hour of Auckland Zoo. I mean, we have fresh air and quiet and within reach of the city. I am grateful for the balance. An animal loving crew, one of our regular haunts is our zoo. The more time we spend there, the more we are learning about the zoo’s conservation efforts, both here in New Zealand and internationally. It’s pretty cool. Also cool is the Zoo shop. Or specifically, their book section.

We are book people. We’ll have at least 70 library books, CD’s and the occasional DVD out from our library at any one time. And I am proud of our little home reference library. It’s an awesome thing to hear Jed ask a question about something and then go over and reach for the book to find out more. Yes, yes…the internet…there is always the internet and we do use it sometimes (especially me) but it’s more of a back up thing for us at the moment.

Your purchases at the Auckland Zoo shop help support their work. As a Friend of the Zoo you get a 10% discount too. The selection is there is one of the best I have seen. Reasonably priced. Fiction as well as non-fiction and for all ages. We’re talking really, super duper great. We’ve been at the Zoo probably once every two weeks this year and that book section just goes from strength to strength. Great to see. They have a good selection of quality games and gifts for little people birthday presents. Plus they have a wee drawing station for the kids and a ‘The best of the Zoo’ DVD playing. 

This is what we came home with last week. That’s the only animal encyclopedia I have seen that covers reptiles, birds, mammals, invertebrates and fish all in one edition. There’s a conservation/animal rescue homeschooling topic coming up for sure. Right after we finish the samurai studies…I know! 

And no money has passed hands for this review. I just wanted to sing their praises. It’s heartfelt. x

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