A good mess.

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The house was a mess today. A good mess. You know, piles of paper bits on the floor, coloured pencils and projects all over the dining table, lego free building session in evidence across my bedroom floor, empty wooden snack bowls neatly stacked on the stairs. Wooden swords and shields and dress ups draped over chairs and shucked into the corner of the bathroom. Bits of greenery, flowers, bugs and a microscope on a chopping board in the kitchen. The kind of mess that shouts ‘It was a good day!’ to those that speak that special language. 

It was cold with a bitter wind today so lots of inside time and we had a friend of Jed’s here all day. She’s a Steiner kid and was super curious about our homeschooling day. I had loads of work on and it was a seamless. Perfect all round. Those two are great mates and play for hours on end. They even help themselves to food when they need it these days. I leave food ready to go in the fridge. I left various craft supplies, games and books out on the table. It was super fun to get on with my work and hear them laughing and talking not far away. Hours, no parental input required. Every now and then I’d hang out with them and help them out with some project or other. And, like I said…mess! We have a small house, 80 m sq, but no room was left untouched. We have a saying around here…(Well, those of us who are not mess averse anyway)…’Mess is a sign of good times’. 

We started out doing the flower opening activity. So magic. The tutorial is HERE in a blog post from back in 2013. Then they spent hours colouring in flowers. Flowers somehow became baddies, princes and warrior princesses and kings and ended up in battle formation all across the house. I love how kids will take one idea and completely make it their own. Our job is to step back and watch it unfold. Totally not what I could ever have imagined! 

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