The eggheads. A tutorial.

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Meet the eggheads. We made these two in anticipation of the Gardening for Kids article I wrote that just came out in the NZ Herald’s Element Magazine. They weren’t looking their best in time for the photo shoot but they still made the cut.
It is super easy to make your own. 

Here’s what you need: Earth, egg cups, spoon, sharp knife, sharpie, water, sprouting seeds, paper towel or similar and a boiled egg or two.

Cut the very tops off your hard boiled eggs.
Carefully scoop the egg out.
Fill each egg with earth. 
Fold a bit of paper towel or cotton wool or newspaper on top of the soil.
Draw your face or design on your egg. 
Dampen the paper and soil.
Sprinkle your sprouting seeds (we used alfalfa) liberally on the damp paper.
Put your egg heads on the kitchen windowsill where you and your little ones can keep an eye on them
Water gently with an eye dropper every morning.

Within days they will start to sprout and you can watch their hair-dos evolve!

Delicious for all the family!

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