playing with print blocks

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Remember these printing blocks I bought from Provenance at the market the other weekend?
We’ve been putting them to good use!

Fabric paint and pens is a staple on the crafting shelf here but we hadn’t done any fabric printing.
Until this past week. It has been the perfect distraction from a hand injury (which unfortunately makes using my sewing machine and scissors excruciating) and the diabolical weather. 
(As an aside here…three days and nights of being hammered by severe winds in a tiny house overlooking the sea meant no sleep and crochety on edge folk hereabouts…I was SO relieved to wake up to…blessed silence this morning.)

We have been making gifts and experimenting merrily. As things do with free thinking small ones around, the project extended into free style painting on fabric and stencils for banners. I do like a bit of gold paint, cheers up winter no end! 

I love the lotus print. And the fact it is carved out of mango wood makes me smile. 

It turns out that right handed people can quite happily print using their left hand. Phew.

Nana is going to be thrilled to see what Jed has been working on for her. I love a hand made gift over a store bought any day. Hopefully most of our family and friends are on board with that, ahem! 

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