felting with bubble wrap

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At our homeshcooling group recently, one of the mama’s taught us how to felt. We do a bunch of crafty stuff at home and usually Jed likes to be outdoors with friends at these gatherings but he surprised me this time by joining in. It was a good reminder not to concrete him in and assume anything. 
I love the feel and smell of raw wool. And those colours!

We learnt two ways of felting…layering the wisps of wool on top of each other, crosswise and when your design was complete, placing it carefully into a ziplock bag, pouring a little warm soapy water in it, closing the bag and rubbing it through the plastic. Pretty genius. We then placed our felting in progress in a rectangle of bubblewrap, folded it over, rolled it up and keep rolling and agitating it until it had felted. 

I like a bit of bright colour on a winter’s day. These might become rugs for the rabbit. Or perhaps coasters. Or get sewn onto a bag for decoration. Not sure. For now, they are reminders of a fun afternoon with our homeschooler friends.

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