Winter town adventure

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I love our crew. Jed and I planned to go to Auckland Museum and have a wander through the wintergardens and Auckland Domain one day recently. I asked Jed the night before if he wanted company or just share the day with Mama. Umm’ed and Ahh’ed, but we settled on putting the call out to our crew. They had so much fun. I love this mix of wild and urban spaces we flit between these days. No matter how good town is, I still love driving that long road home and the quiet that greets us though.

The Domain has the best tree climbing around. Despite the windy chilly day, running and playing outside was has stuck in my mind about the day. 

It’s the kind of place you can easily spend a whole day in.

And the view from here, outside the Museum is incredible. You look out over the ports and harbour to Rangitoto Island. Failed to get that photo for you. Oops. Sorry about that!

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