tiny snails and the secret life of leaves

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These two little reprobates hitched a ride home with us in a bunch of dandelions for Chester the rabbit. Touch wood, so far, we haven’t had much in the way of snails. I think the slugs must have crowded them out.(Thank goodness for Spike the rescued hedgehog’s diligent efforts at slug control.) So, close up encounters with snails have always been fun.

 Lets hope these two cuties didn’t go forth and multiply though.

They did look cool under the handheld microscope. The slime looked extra slimy magnified twenty times. Cutting a cross section in a comfrey stem, we could actually see the internal parts really clearly. Loving that microscope, it really helped to bring our leaf study project  to life for Jed’s nature journal.

Next learning topic request? Samurai! 

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