The Booms

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We have the honour of looking after our dear neighbours chickens and the fish in their pond while they are away for ten whole days. It has made a wonderful mini adventure break in our morning sessions to walk over and chat to the girls. I have wanted chickens for years.

 Last time we cared for the chickens, Jed found one dead in the coop. Natural causes, she was a old gal and ready to move on, but still, it had quite an impact. She had a very moving burial. Thoughts of losing an animal he loves put the little guy off having more animals for a good long while.

Next door is a wonderful place, built by hand years ago and woven around with years of wonderful energy, laughter and music. Jed is good buddies with their grand kids and they’ve beat a track through the bush out the back between our two properties, I love it when we don’t see them for hours but I can hear their shrieks, war cries and laughter.

And the job comes with benefits. Apart from Jed’s fee. He has an animal sitting business you know. Posters, fee charts and everything. 

We are on Book Four of the Barn Chronicles by Rosie Boom. Where the River Rises is the title of the one we are reading now. We have so loved these books. It’s the story of a family of six kids homeschooling up north in NZ, in a rural area, living in a big barn while they build their house. Lots of adventure, laughter, bows and arrows, canoeing, exploring, animals, and just a joy to read aloud. With our chicken charges next door it is quite the perfect reading for us at the moment. It’s so good it’s kinda sad to be on the last book.
Thank you Boom Family, for sharing your world with the rest of us! 

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