Most Treasured Possession – Sam from the WoodBotherers

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I have a new
feature on GrowMama.
A little something to liven up our Mondays.
I have asked some
lovely bloggers to share their most treasured possession with us and let us
know why it is so treasured.
It can’t be your pets, children or beloveds. It has to be stuff.
Unfashionable in this age of decluttering, simplifying and tiny houses I
know…but we all have our treasures.
First up with her Most Treasured Possession is
Sam Dickenson from ‘The Elves and the Wood Botherer’.

Sam just couldn’t limit to one treasure! She chose
FOUR! Totally against the rules, but hey, we encourage thinking outside of the
box around here.

Magnifying glass – this was my partner, Phil’s
grandads. He remembers it as a kid. He spent a lot of time with his grandad in
his workshop watching him make and mend things. This magnifying glass was at
one point broken and Phil loves the way his grandad has mended the surround so
that it definitely won’t break again!

Little wooden house – Phil made this for
me and it sits on my desk. It is so sweet – just a little gift from the

Ring – this was my maternal grandmother’s wedding ring. I remember her
wearing it. It is worn thin, with teeny tiny ‘diamonds’ a legacy from a
war-time marriage. When I took the ring out I found a tiny picture of my
grandad in his uniform underneath cut into a heart shape.

Vintage toy cars – these are my
partner Phil’s from his childhood. He remembers playing with them and when we
moved to NZ and dug them out from storage he was inspired to make some more for
our kids. Simple wooden toys like this inspired Phil to start making the
Woodbotherer toys that we do today.

Thank you Sam, for sharing your treasures with us. Beautiful!

If you haven’t checked out Phil’s incredible
wooden toys and games and Sam’s Steiner dolls…you are in for a treat. It’s
super stuff from super people. I met Sam and Phil when they lived in a big
warehouse with my sister and a bunch of other creatives in North London years ago. I
have distinct memories sewing long strands of ‘seaweed’ out of fabric into the
wee hours of the night for Phil, who had the contract to decorate Greenpeace’s
space at Glastonbury festival once upon a time, before children came along. They
moved to New Zealand and eventually I found my way back here. Now we get to
hang out and so do our children! (I am still doing late night sewing benders

Phil and Sam also have an online store over HERE. 

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