in the trench

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We live in a pretty small house. 80 metres squared to be precise. Not quite a tiny house but pretty small by Western standards. Less to clean, which is mighty good in my book. And not too small for someone who has lived in a tent for long stretchs of time but space IS at a premium. We have to wise about how we use it. One small room each, a bathroom, a coat and shoe area at the front door, alot of stairs and an open plan living room/dining/kitchen area. Oh and the decks. I LOVE the decks. Two levels and one deck is covered so we are out there rain or shine. Plus, we look out the windows onto vast expanses of sky and sea, garden and trees. I never tire of the view. 

But, I digress, I have exciting news. We now have a sleep out at the bottom of the garden. A little cabin. It is small and is located so it doesn’t require council consent. This means we can have family and friends to stay, folks can play music into the wee hours into the night down there. It gets the first of the morning sun and is nicely tucked into the greenery. In order to get electricity to the sleep out, the rules dictate we needed to dig a pretty deep trench to sink the wires. We hired some young fella’s recommended to us to do the grunty work and they were so great. Their trench looked like a machine had dug it. I had to tell them to slow down too. And, or course, where there is mud, any self respecting child needs to be in it. 

Dissecting the lawn in two, the trench has been a big feature in our lives this week.

 So have these muddy looking feet!

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