Gabrielle is my new hero

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I am outting myself. Publicly. I am not a fan of twitter. Yup, I am a social media manager who doesn’t like twitter. I specialise in content rich heartfelt social media. Twitter makes me shudder. It seems like the ideal social media for today’s rushed Western life. We glorify being busy (and yes, I can be guilty of that) and I cringed at the thought of entering the twittering epidemic. I tried, I really did. I have an account but it lies languishing in the halls of twitterdom. I left screaming, ‘Where is the depth?!’ Societal critique aside, it just doesn’t fit me. Brevity doesn’t come naturally to me. And despite being a wordsmith, I like a good image. 

Given my distance, I missed the latest twitterstorm. The #yesallwomen one. 
Until I read the latest blog post on Design Mom. I love how Gabrielle stands proudly at the top of her post. It is quite the read. She is my new hero. 
The honesty she writes with is amazing. And the comments. Sheesh. We ALL have our stories. Ugh. And it is NOT okay. Talking about all this is so very important. THIS, is how change is made. THIS is how quiet voices get heard. THIS is how important conversations are begun. 
It comes with a trigger warning, because we all need to choose when we feel strong enough to take on material that might trigger us, but my goodness, hallelujah for strong women speaking out and taking the taboo out of harassment and sexual predation.
Go. Read. Share and Link.

(And maybe I will re-visit twitter?!)

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