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We stumbled across a little gem recently. On adventure up to see friends we stopped by a cafe called Bees Online to show Jed the bees. But. It no longer existed. This was actually a good thing. The bee colony was still in residence and a new group had taken ownership. Now called Provenance, we had the best lunch. It began with homemade plum and mint soda garnished with flowers from the garden. So good!

They are about to embark on a total refurbishment to achieve their vision of a more sustainable dining experience. Most of the vegetables are from on-site gardens or sourced from their farm down the road, which also provides vegetables and herbs for their other cafe. 

I love seeing more seasonal food available at reasonable prices. And that vision of knowing where all produce comes from and having relationships with suppliers HAS to be part of the future if we are to be more sustainable. And no, they didn’t pay me to gush about the meal…I just get super excited about stuff like this. And check out my salad…all freshly picked from within a mile of the place that morning. The colours!

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