tomatoes and toast

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Thank goodness for mulch. We’re in that dry part of the New Zealand summer. Cracks have opened up in my garden. It’s harvest time and I have been slack at planting out the next round of veg. I often do that, the garden looks fab until the end of the year and then wild jungle fever sets in. I do love a good tangle of a garden. I have been looking at friends facebook posts of frozen lakes and snow dumped landscapes sitting here sweltering in the heat. I caught myself standing overly long in front of the fridge earlier. Just enjoying the cool, y’know.

The house smells of freshly made tomato relish and orange cake and burnt toast. It’s a peculiar combination. It’s late, I just finished a paid work deadline and am too amped to sleep just yet. My skin is aglow with the sand, salt, sun and wind from our afternoons adventures and my brain is whirling with fun stuff to do. I got a bit overexcited with my visioning for the year ahead and reality has been creeping in today…it’s a process of getting real about what I can manage, and what REALLY makes my heart sing. Getting there!

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