Pillows for the birds and me

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There’s been an outbreak of avian botulism at the Mangere Oxidation Ponds in Auckland. This has meant hundreds of birds affected and Lyn and her volunteer crew at the New Zealand Bird Rescue Centre have been flat out 24/7 caring for paralysed birds, nursing them back to health. The two main things they needed were pillows and paper towels. (They sit the birds side by side on a long line of pillows to support them.) Jed and I did the rounds of all the local op shop and asked for all the pillows and stopped off to buy paper towels. We can’t volunteer as they say Jed is too young, (which he is furious about) and we come as a package deal mostly. Jed reckoned this was one way we could help. Tonight I asked him what the best thing about his day was. It was an awesome day full of friends. He replied, ‘the best was the feeling I got when we dropped off all our pillows to the rescue centre’. Proud mama. (They still need monetary donations to cover the birds medicine and care, so if you are feeling flush..pop over to their facebook page and get in touch) 

And, um, on a less altruistic note…while I was waiting for the op shop folks to bring out pillows from the back…I spotted these handworked cushions. Someone has put so much love into these. They look new, and beautifully backed with a kind of retro velvet. 

As ever, when I find something special like this, I wonder what their story is. Who made them and how they ended up in the op shop. SO many hours of work in them! 

Last time I bought cushions from the op shop and posted them here on the blog, someone recognised them and told me their story. That was cool…fingers crossed the same happens this time ’round. 

They clearly pass the comfort test too. Very important!

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