the great annual strawberry pilgrimage

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Our years, like our days, have a definite rhythm. I think this is our busiest summer together yet. I find the trick is to be conscious about balance. A busy few days of friends, new places to explore and late nights? We like to follow those wonderful times up with equally wonderful connective gentle times closer to home, with lots of rest and pottering and processing the days before. 

There are highlights that come to represent each season. Swimming, camping, and strawberry picking and jam making is summer.

We caught the last week of pick-your-own strawberries and met some friends at the Hobsonville Point playground for a good play before we picked.

The Hobsonville Point playground is a relatively and one of a new, more imaginative breed of playground design. We don’t often go to playgrounds and when we do, certain smaller people tend to head for the trees or bushes nearby anyway, but this place was different. All was inspired by New Zealands native plant life. 

Including these ‘pirate pods’ with a walkway between.

I loved the details. Peeking out of greenery there were plenty of surprises.

For years the same playground design place must have had the contract from the city council and every playground was made by them. I like this movement toward more innovative design for children spaces too. Whoever designed this place must’ve had a lot of fun. We sure did.
I had best be off and give that big pot of strawberry jam a stir.

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