Op Shop Show Off

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It’s been a while since I joined in with the Op Shop Show Off but I have been back at it, and I am happy to report that I have not lost the knack. Ha! 

Me and my sidekick popped by our local Salvation Army on the lookout for magazines for an art project and I was so excited to find a brand new pair of Birkenstocks in my size. Yes! And this beautiful fine wool Japanese knitted top which is perfect for these temperental New Zealand summer days (read: windy and rainy and a bit chilly in between the odd scorching hot day). Really into simple comfortable clothes at the moment, all cottons, light wool and linens. They came to less than $10 together. Happiness. And yes, I might have done one of my happy dances in the aisle when I spotted the shoes! I still got it.
And, heartfelt thanks to my angel who looks out for me and my boy in our local oppy. It is always a pleasure. x

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