a mini-roadtrip

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Gah. I just went through a bunch of photos and I am super motivated to make a move on that new camera. So disappointing to see photos that should be great, and are not. The old camera has served me well but it’s days are numbered and I have been procrastinating spending that money for way too long. You have my permission to leave a cheeky comment about my photos if the quality doesn’t improve in the next few weeks!

Jed and I headed north last week, to his Godmother’s fabulous new abode. And it is just that, fabulous. Much like her in fact. We can’t wait to go back.

There is similar refrain from my blog posts about good times and many of you will know it by now…good handmade food, good people, time together, exploring the land…and this trip was no exception. Good times!

We ate fresh from the garden, ate ice cream, swam, the mama’s drank rose wine, the kids made cool stuff and disappeared into various worlds and the sounds of happiness echoed around the trees.

My favourite part was in the morning when I gravitated to that front porch to sit in the sun and drink my coffee. It was glorious. One by one the kids came out to join me and we talked of the worst injuries we’d ever had, the best books we’d read and life. Moments like those are golden. 

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