Outfit post: behind the scenes

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I whip out these Outfit posts every now and then to show that it’s possible and fun to source clothing from secondhand places, rather than buying new. I figure there is enough stuff in the world. But just in case you think it’s all polished photo shoots over here, I’d like to introduce my assistants and resident photo bombers.

Yes, that would be Chester the bunny about to launch himself onto my newly thrifted vintage lace shirt. With grubby bunny feet that had just been digging up my herb pots. Hmph. Yes, and that would be my son egging him on from the deck railing.

I love the detail on this shirt. All handmade by someone. It does remain to be seen how it fares given the company I keep. Not many things are white around here. One can dream though, one can dream. (And ogle white things in the wardrobe!)

This is my assistant. Helping me accessorise. Seconds after this photo was taken the rabbit took off with an espadrille. I kid you not. 

This young man will be staying in his house next time I photograph an outfit. I think that bunny was clothes horse in a former life, he can’t seem to help himself. If I have clothes laid out, that rabbit is on them. 

Polka dot widelegged pants from the 80’s – $18 from Jo Go’s.
Top shop chambray shirt – $15 from Trademe.co.nz
Favourite red clogs – from the lovely Lotta of Stockholm
Navy espadrilles – ASOS via trademe
Vintage white lace shirt – $16 from Go Jo’s
Vintage black hat – $3 from Salvation Army

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