My work life this year. And Ethos.

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A large part of my worklife this year has been consulting and managing the social media and brand of East West Organics, a wonderful organics company based in my hometown here in New Zealand. They are truly lovely people to work with and I do like starting my business meetings with hugs all round. Some of you will know we’ve all been working on a big dream. One of those huge ones. And it has come to be. Hats off to the fabulous East West team (you know who you are) who have been working so hard all these months to make it work.
The new natural food and health product super store is now open. So is Ethos cafe, the Heritage Garden Centre, the Art and Crafts Gallery, Bakery and Natural Health Clinic upstairs. I did say it was huge!  It’s the first of its kind in New Zealand as far as we know.There is a Grand Opening celebration this Sunday, beginning with a powhiri to bless the space at 12 midday. I haven’t been involved in organising it, but I will there. Auckland locals feel free to rock on up…there are spot prizes, free workshops going on the Clinic, live music and all sorts of tasting tables from East West suppliers. (More info is on the latest blog post in New Leaf, the East West blog)

The cafe opened last Friday. I took a drive into town to check it out and take some photos. Chef’s Jo and Emily and Gary have done an amazing job. It was near the end of the day when I got there, but the raw macaroons were just incredible. They also use Flight Coffee beans, which I was excited to try. (Yes, I am a paradox… a coffee fanatic AND a herbalist.) I am looking forward to sampling some of their savoury meals one day when I am in the office for a meeting. I work mostly remotely and travel in when needed for meetings and do the occasional stint in the office to keep my finger on the pulse. I also annoy them by telephone regularly. I love that I have created a work life I love based from home and can continue to homeschool. I work 10-15 (or more when needed, like this week…eek!) hours a week for East West and have other writing, workshops and consulting I do. I have more work than I know what to do with at the moment. A high class problem I know. Balance is a key word in my world. 

Couldn’t resist giving you a peek at that organic raw berry macaroon. Good thing I am not in the office every day or I’d be in Ethos cafe daily! Mmm, so good.

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