a tale of a dress

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Some of you will remember the big Vintage Sale of Hazel May’s collection I was involved in. One of the pieces I brought home was a stunning piece of vintage 50’s fabric. Once home, I realised it was the skirt of a dress that had been carefully unpicked, complete with fade marks to show where the pleats had been arranged. I lovingly placed it in my fabric stash, wondering what on earth I would do with it.

A few weeks later, my Vintage Sale co-conspirator and I were in the middle of a catering gig when she handed me the matching bodice of the dress. She found it in a pile. No way was that going to fit me I thought.

But, it was a dream project and I couldn’t resist. One night I dug out a vintage zipper and sat for hours figuring out how to reconstruct the dress. I took out the bodice side seams as far as I could. Not everyone’s idea of a fun Friday night, but I had a blast. And the next miracle…was that it fit! Er, there will be no large dinners consumed while wearing it, but it’s an empire line dress, so it’s forgiving. Love that fabric. I still have the hem to finish and that’s ALOT of hand stitching required to hem that full skirt but it will be worth it. My first fifties era vintage dress!

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