Local Goodness: Merlins and a pop up vintage store

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Local Goodness: it’s a series here on GrowMama.
I’ll be profiling or
taking a peek into various cool businesses, products and places aroundabout

We’re talking eco-minded, progressive smaller endeavours, with a
definite more’ish quality.

How to define the boundaries of what is local to me? I’m going
to take liberties there. West Auckland’ish, with the occasional dive into the
greater Auckland area shall we say?!

Even if you don’t live around here, we can all do with a dollop
of inspiration and a dose of voyeurism into someone else’s heartfelt worklife,

If you need to buy something, shop local and give your money
where it’ll count…give it to the good people! Support local goodness.
I have a double edition for you today.
First up is a wee pop up shop at Kiwi Valley Farm in Henderson Valley.
Now, I lost these pictures for awhile (don’t ask!) and ditto to the business card the lovely lady gave me. Most unlike me, I have systems for these things y’know?! But, hey. We all have our days.

This pop up store (she hadn’t settled on a name yet), was full of superb vintage treasure, all very well priced. Totally worth coming to check out if you are in the neighbourhood. 

Next up is an old favourite haunt of mine. Merlin’s in Glen Eden. Readers who’ve been around awhile will have heard the name. Merlin is super lovely and she has fresh stock coming in all the time. It’s a great place to find clothes, bedding, even furniture. Everything from designer through to vintage. Jed has found some fantastic dress ups and costumes in here over the years. I had a few minutes and popped in for the first time in ages the other day. Heads up for an awesome lot of vintage sheets. I only brought one home for a project.

I was in the market for a pair of denim cut off’s for summer (YAY for summer!) and found a pair that fit like a charm. Plus $5 for this Zara racer back top. Merlin’s is like that, if I am on the lookout for something special, that’s where I look first. Super affordable and huge choice. It’s a big warehouse and well organised. Go see! Tell Merlin I said hi.

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