outfit post – the car dress

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One of my favourite outfits at the moment. It’s so comfortable to wear and I love the way this dress drapes and fits.

Dress: Yumi – brand new off Trademe.co.nz – about $50 I think. That’s a big number for me and I am so glad I splurged.
Boots: Camper. Black with bright green lining and red stitching. I had a red pair that I wore and wore for 12 years before they finally fell apart and my cobbler couldn’t work his magic on them. Also new off trademe for $40 from memory. I am loving them and hoping I get at LEAST 12 years out of them!
Cardigan: wool in charcoal grey with front ruffle. $12 from Go Jo’s.

I do like a dress I can wear year round. And I got kudos points from the young fella for the car print. I don’t want to be promoting car culture, but at least they are groovy vintage ones.

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