Hazel May treasures

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I thought I would share my recent acquisitions. Dispel a few myths! People assumed that those of us involved in Hazel May’s Vintage and Retro Sale all had major wardrobe boosts, but the truth is, we were all too busy working hard to make it happen. And respected that the proceeds of the sale were going to Hazel’s family. There is no way I would have thought to take home any of the stand out pieces. And, there was no time to idly wander through the collection, trying things on. 
However! I did stumble across this handmade vintage number. I had been looking for a dress to wear my beloved red Lotta of Stockholm clogs with. And I do so love this nautical number. It did have hideous wings for sleeves but I have made them into little cap sleeves. Roll on summer! (The second dress I brought home needs alot of work and possibly a complete reinvention so I won’t share a picture of that one yet.)

I love how the print is made up of polka dots. I do love my polka dots.

And this next top called out to come home with me. We had thought it was a cross-over top and I was gutted when I couldn’t even get it over my head, but then figured out that it wasn’t meant to cross over at all. 

It’s tailored like it was made for me. It doesn’t look like much on the hanger but it’s one of those classic tops I think I will get alot of wear out of. I’m just not much of a t-shirt person.

And the label in this one is just hilarious. I love it even more for that. Plus it looks like no-one will be able to shrink it in the wash…extra bonus!

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