Focus On: Rubbish

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Weekend’s. Yay for weekends. Here in the Southern Hemisphere we’re into those long dark wintry weekends. Someone told me folks read more on the internet in the winter months. Makes sense to me. In honour of that I’m running a weekly (ish) link feature. Each weekend I am going to choose a theme, wax lyrical (briefly, I promise!) and give you a bunch of links to explore on the theme.
We’ll be looking at Power, Motherhood, Technology to name a few.

But, today our focus is on rubbish.

Rubbish. Trash. Garbage. Waste. Which ever word you use, we
developed countries produce alot of it. All the unnecessary packaging of food,
the overconsumption of consumer products, not to mention the resources used to
create the packaging to start with and the transport miles involved in each
product. Packaging is a multi-million dollar business by itself. In my nana’s
day, most of her food and goods were sourced locally and people didn’t own as
much stuff. Things were made to last.

I am reminded of a quote “There is no ‘away’ to throw things

A good place to start this weeks Focus On post is
with this little film by Annie Leonard.
On an uplifting note. It is possible to do it in a good way.  Sweden ran out of rubbish!

Trash Footwear.  Ben salvages
quality materials salvaged from landfill oblivian and re-incarnates into unique
footwear. I have the best sandals made by him. I am a big fan.

William McDonough’s TedX talk on cradle to cradle design. His and
Michael Braungarts’ book of the same name is 
made of of polymers, not paper and is a darn fine read.
How to avoid making trash. A must read for everyone I reckon. 

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