Op Shop Show Off: a treasure chest, mama style

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Joining in with Blackbird has Spoken and friends for the Tuesday Op Shop Show Off.
A friend and I spent the morning exploring new territory on Auckland’s North Shore last weekend. I brought home the best op shopping haul I have scored for a long time. A trug for my firewood hauling…whoop, whoop! I have been looking for one for ages. Plus, I brought home that glow from being with a dear friend. Win – win.
This little vintage ‘box’ came home with me. I didn’t need it. It definitely wasn’t on my list. (See my ten Op Shopping rules) But I did love it. And for $2 I couldn’t leave it there. And, you know, it would have been one of those finds that I would have kept thinking about if I’d left it in the shop. I am so glad it came home.

It sits in my room and it’s fresh colours and loving craftsmanship (or should that read, craftpersonship?) make me smile. The top is painted leather and it is so beautifully made. I always wonder about these pieces stories…who made it? when? why? 

Beautiful AND useful…my favourite combination!

What have you found in the thrift stores/op shops lately?

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