Op Shop Show Off: Emersonmade

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One of those busy days a few weeks ago saw me dashing full speed through the local Salvation Army thrift store. Nope. I couldn’t just walk past! I came out not five minutes later with this lovely dress.

I had seen the blog post Jo from A Cup of Jo had done on Emerson Fry’s work. THAT is the only reason I even knew this label. I had looked at the website, chortled at how much money people will pay for clothes and ogled at some of the classic clean-lined beauty that are on her online shelves. And left.
Then I found this. I loved it so much at first sight. Beautifully made, linen, seemingly unworn, POLKA DOTS, natural colours, pockets…this dress had it going on! It lay on my bed all afternoon and I admired it every time I walked past. I didn’t want to try it on in case it didn’t fit. But it does. Oh it does. It wears like a dream and that is why the dress is all crumpled in the picture…it’s been worn alot!

And oh, if clothes could talk. How did it get to a thrift store in West Auckland?! I would love to know!

(Joining in with Max of Blackbird has Spoken for Op Shop Show Off.)

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