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Weekend’s. Yay for weekends. Here in the Southern Hemisphere we’re into those long dark wintry weekends. Someone told me folks read more on the internet in the winter months. Makes sense to me. In honour of that I’m starting a weekly link feature. Each weekend I am going to choose a theme, wax lyrical (briefly, I promise!) and give you a bunch of links to explore on the theme.
We’ll be looking at Beauty, Power, Motherhood, Technology to name a few. 

But, today our focus is on ART.

Whether it be drawing in the sand, in the condensation on winter windows or in the studio, whether it is made, or found, art is everywhere.

The Artist is Present. An intimate installation piece at MOMA by Marina Abramovic. While being present to everyone that came to sit with her, unbeknownst to her, a lover from years ago stepped up. I cry every time.

For the crafty arty types, there is Gennine’s art blog.

And have you explored outsider art yet? Or self taught art? I would like to introduce you to my dear friend (we share a birthday!) Sean Samoehyl.  He has a piece in the Baltimore Museum of Visionary Art at the moment. (Which reminds me, he did a portrait of me years ago and I must get it sent over) 

Then there is the intersection between art and clothing: the world of wearable art. WOW.

Caroline Robinson is the Big Idea’s digital artist in residence for 2013. You can meet her, the big idea, and her piece about water, Back to the Source HERE.

And for the eco-art minded among us: eco-art-works on facebook.

Feel free to add you favourite art themed links in the comments. I always love to hear from you.
Have a good weekend folks. xx

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