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I have fielded a few lovely emails from you lately asking questions about parenting. My approach can be summed up by saying, ‘I follow my intuition and sometimes wish our children came with customised guide books’! That aside, it’s a topic I just wrote an article for Happyzine about. My article is in their ‘gentle parenting’ section and is called Embracing Tantrums. They thought that title would have folks hooked into reading it. I hope so, I feel passionately about this parenting path so many of us are on. 

Happyzine is a wonderful endeavour founded by Creative Director Charlotte Squire and edited by Tami Wyness. Here is what they say: Happyzine’s purpose is to inspire positive social and environmental change via good news.  Happyzine is ‘solutions journalism’ – showcasing inspiring action and developments within fields that have generally been portrayed as beyond hope.  There’s always hope.  Happyzine is contributed to by dozens of change makers and writers who feel the same.  
If you haven’t heard of Happyzine you have no excuses now! 

Writing that article was a good reminder to me of how much I LOVE to write. I want to write more. It’s good to get clear on what I really want to create more of in my life. It’s all coming into focus. I’m having one of those excited nights when everything seems possible. Don’t you love those? (No alcohol or excessive caffeine or sugar consumption involved either. In case you were wondering!)

May your weekend be a good one. 

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