The sifter. Op Shop Show off.

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I am linking up with Max of Blackbird has Spoken in her Op Shop Show Off series. Now, I am famously bad at posting regularly at the same time every week, so I can’t promise I’ll be a weekly participant, but I love the idea. Of course, they don’t call me the op shopping queen for nothing!
Besides, I live in a small house, if I frequented op shops (thrift stores for you North Americans) that much it’d be a bit crowded.
Now, if you’ll just ignore the wrinkled sheet as backdrop (ahem!) and focus on what’s in the centre of the frame…
A vintage sifter! I have been looking for one of these for a long time. Not only did I find a vintage Bonco brand one, but its all jazzed up in a retro print. It did cost $10, which is kinda steep for me, but oh, happiness. 

Chestnut the rabbit was unimpressed. Actually, all the boys were unimpressed, until they used it…now they’re hooked. Using one reminds me of my nana, that’s the real reason for the happiness.

Pop along over to Blackbird has Spoken to see other finds HERE.

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