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This is a knit with a story.
It was given to me by a friend who knows I have a thing for knits.
But this is no ordinary knit.
a)It is a cape
b) it was lovingly crafted by a beautiful woman who lived locally
c) they are ‘my’ colours

People often assume that because we wear alot of groovy vintage knits and sew, make and invent, I also knit. Now, folks who have been around this here blog awhile know darn well that I am no knitter. Brave souls have tried to teach me but all, to this day, have thrown in their knitting needles (luckily never AT me) in despair.
 But, I still love handcrafted and vintage knitwear.
The handwork in this cape is just stunningly beautiful. Each stitch tells a story.
I am trying to be quiet enough to hear it.
 The same lovely friend picked these beautiful woollens up from the charity shops for me.
 I feel just a little bit special every time I wear them.

I am reminded of the beauty of giving and how much it gives both giver and receiver. I have a pile of wee care packages to post sitting on my desk. It’s been a crappy few days (with my heart sore for folks in Boston and Texas, struggling friends and my own chronic ill health flaring again) and my cure has been to focus on giving. Sending a little sunshine to others always perks me right up.

A big bit of sunshiney news was the NZ government passing the Marriage Equality bill with a big majority…yahoo! But then they went and stinked up that sweet celebration by banning all protesting at sea. Like the very next day. Sigh.

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