tomato relish and east west organics

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This summer has been a stonker. So little rain, the grass is brown and the birds are lining up for a splash in the water we put out for them. We made the hard decision to stop watering the garden when we were trying to make the water in our tank last. Cracks opened up in the vegetable garden by the second day. There has been rain the last few days but I swear it sizzles and evaporates on arrival. Somehow, miraculously, some plants have managed to keep on keeping on. Celeriac and tomatoes I am looking at you!
I am happy to say that the annual tomato relish making tradition lives on. I always look forward to cracking a jar of that taste of summer, when it is all wintry and misty outside.
And in the meantime, because we couldn’t bear to be without fresh parsley and salads, a mini garden has been built closer to the house and not in full sun. We can water with grey water from the house easily and still   eat that good green tastiness within minutes of picking. 

And for those wondering what I am up to, with a few yawning silences between my replies to emails and blog posts?! As well as fulfilling a writing contract, I have starting working for East West Organics here in West Auckland. They are super good people, I am a long standing customer of their existing store and they’re branching out…opening an organics superstore, natural health clinic, cafe, bakery, arts and crafts gallery and organic garden centre in Auckland’s New Lynn. All very community minded and exciting…business with a heart I like to call it. It fits my right livelihood ethics perfectly.

And where do I come in? I am managing their Social Media presence and the ‘voice of East West Organics’, some consulting, content writing, helping develop their new (yet to be launched) website. I work part-time, remotely -based from home, though i hot-desk occasionally to keep in touch with whats happening onsite.  Exciting times! Pop along over to the East West Organics Facebook page and have a peek, click ‘like’ to help us along and feel free to share any posts to get the word out. I will have a whole East West Organics lifestyle blog to play with in a few weeks, can’t wait!

And, may I just say…I am in total awe of all you mama’s out there who juggle work, kidlet’s and all the other pieces that make up our beautiful lives. Wow. It is an intricate, ever shifting balancing act. Hats off to all mama’s, whether in paid work or not. Life is beautifully crowded sometimes, and, well, mama’s just rock.

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