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My interest in fabric is such that a friend and i woke at 5.30 to get ourselves and all our fabric into Fabric-a-brac. Are we fabric geeks? Was this our idea of fun? Yes and YES! Unashamedly yes on all counts! 
Even the hour was a novelty, because i tend to the night owl end of the spectrum. It was the only time i have ever been awake before my son, and the look on his face when he saw me up and dressed was hilariously priceless.

Fabric-a-brac was beautifully organised by the lovely Vanessa and co, on behalf of Hospice. The array of fabrics, patterns and sewing accoutrement was truly impressive. The teas on vintage china with cakes was exquisite. And i got to meet the lovely Louana from the NZGreenButtons blog, that was super cool. I have met such great women through blogland, it’s budding into a beautiful and supportive community. So nice to meet one of the lovelies actually face to face. Very oldfashioned of me i know!

It was a feast for the eyes. I de-stashed wildly, selling over half of what i had brought and er, bought patterns and lengths of merino fabric for the annual making of hoodies and merino gear for the autumn and winter to come. Practical buying though, needed, really!

This is a terrible photo of a beautiful piece of fabric i have had for years. It’s hand embroidered garden motifs onto dark green velvet in several plys of thread. The whole piece is a huge frame, all in pristine condition. I get it out every now and then to admire and fondle. It is too beautiful to cut into, i wondered about letting it go to someone who would restore it and display it. My friend Claire encouraged me to show it to two super knowledgeable woman vintage fabric collectors about what price to put on it (i wasn’t convinced i could actually let it go)…and it turns out it’s worth oh, something over $400. Sheesh. Happy! Now, whether i can actually ever sell it will be another story. Knowing me i will give it away on a happy rush one day. 

 I brought home metres of this beautiful vintage blue floral…

…and a vintage tunic dress made from this delicious barkcloth. Both gifts from Claire. Both made my heart sing. Definitely recommend a visit to Fabric-a-brac next time it rolls around…i was home in time for a late lunch and a well deserved snooze.

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