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I may have the best intentions to take photos during a workshop but once folks start arriving and i start talking, well, those intentions don’t translate into photographic documentation. I have given many many Plant Medicine Workshops over the years. When will i learn?! Next workshop I am hiring a photographer. There. I said it out loud, to about a thousand of you. Hmpf.

Lack of photographs aside, it was a lovely day and a wonderful group to work with. I love this work. I am told that my hands fly around, my eyes are all lit up and that everyone had a great time, as well as learning alot. Success. It feels good to be teaching this. Thanks to everyone who came. And to the glorious keeper of MacAndrew Hall, whose space is just a joy to teach in.

I did take a bunch of photos before folks began arriving but there was some strange film across the lens of my camera that made them all blurry. Kids aye? I am sure i could smell a whiff of peanut butter. Sigh.

That first photo is a pot of healing salve brought all the way from France. It was made by friends who sell their own range of herbal and beauty products. They learnt how to make salve from me quite some years ago now. So lovely to have that in my medicine cabinet.
For all those who asked, here is the link to the tutorial I posted on how to make a healing salve. Hop along back in time to 2009 HERE.

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