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I had just got back from town and a friend dropped by. Her mouth dropped open when she saw what i’d just found at the thrift store. I unearthed some more goodies i had found secondhand in the past month and we had great fun doing some styling on the deck. It was very girly, very giggly, very unlike me and VERY fun. I like to push edges from time to time. (This is the woman who spent ten whole years not spending any money whatsoever on clothes and never wore a skirt)
Here we have the current denim on denim look.

Denim shirt $4 from Salvation Army.
Baxter Moto jeans $30 from Finders Keepers.
American moccasins $12 from Trademe.
Beaded bracelet $6 from Salvation Army.
Straw sunhat $4 from the Hospice shop.

I am not sure if i’ll wear this handmade vintage linen skirt or if it’ll get upcycled into a top. The linen is super soft and lovely to wear. $2 from the Hospice shop.

 Oh yes, Chester sees all straw hats as potential snacks. Good to know.

I have spent years wearing ill fitting jeans held up by safety pins or velcro and it has been a revelation to find a style and brand that i like and fits well. These are the shortwaisted, curvy, small-statured ladies dream jeans! Top Shop’s Moto baxter for others of you out there. Once i had the brand and size I found another pair on trademe for $10. Sorted.
The red theme continues, with a bit of black and white stripe thrown in the mix. 

I love this cardigan. I am big on cardigan’s. This one is a beautiful wool and i love the little details…the silver bead buttons, teeny pocket and this little detail at the back.

A close up of the bracelet. It’s a kid magnet, they love it.

It’s hard to see the detail in this skirt, but it’s gathered into a waistband with two side pockets and falls to just below the knee. A classic fitted Hanes tshirt in my size finished off the haul. With the sandals, this summer outfit came to $13.50. I shudder to think what it would cost all new.
Pretty much all i had dreamed of…just waiting for me.

I know it is a small thing. But it feels good to have clothes i feel good in.
Puts a little spring in the step.
It’s kinda new for me, previously having matching socks with no holes was a revelation.

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