accidental spring outfit

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When i spotted these trousers with my eagle opshopping eye i headed straight for them. I did wonder awhile…about whether i’d actually wear them. I loved them, yes, but would i wear them?
The answer, it turns out, is a resounding yes.
I am glad I splurged the eight dollars. They make a nice, colourful change from jeans.

 Even the crazy big buttons i like. You can’t tell in these pictures but they are all flashy white and gold. Most unlike me. But seemingly not! Hmmm.

I hauled this jacket out of the same bin as the trousers. Also a radical choice for me.

When i came out of the changing room with them on my son said…’you look nice mama’….’sort of oldfashioned woman soldier’. Okay then. Home they came. It’s good to push an edge or two sometimes. Clothing is a nice easy place to start.

Have you snaffled any new spring time looks?
Or autumn goodies if you’re reading over there in the other hemisphere?

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