spring vintage

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It’s been awhile since i hit the vintage sheet bonanza at the op shop. Today was a fleeting visit and i came away with some spring floral loveliness. I came home inspired to sew. Market season fast approaching, eek!

 I have never seen anything like this one and rather fancy stashing this one to make something for myself.

 I like the icy blue floral too.

 And this showstopper of a spring dress is for one of Jed’s friends. How beautiful is that print? Those colours! The detail on the back is very sweet too.

Sorry about the rabbit. Gets a little tricky taking fur free photos on the deck these days.

So, my question to you: whats your go-to, easy peasy, whip ’em up pattern for a summer dress?
I’d like to try something new.
(Failing that, i will dust off my copy of the Japanese pattern book, ‘Stylish Dress book’…a classic if ever there was one. )

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