brunch in pyjama’s – mexican eggs

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Today was Sunday and i spent all morning in the garden. In pyjama’s. It was the first quiet day in awhile. I had just gotten dressed when there was a teeny knock at the door and dear friends from town ‘dropped in’ needing a friends and nature fix. We have both in abundance here. The kids just disappeared for hours doing their thing. Excellent. Perfect Sunday. The sun even shone.

I whipped this delicious little brunch number up today. My friend Sean Samoheyl used to make this Mexican egg dish on the commune. (I mentioned Sean yesterday, not quite sure why he’s in my head so much these past few days. But it’s nice to have his company, even remotely. Random fact: we share the same birthday)

Sean’s Mexican Eggs

Splash olive oil into your pan and lightly fry:
handful of chopped red pepper, onion and garlic.
Meanwhile beat two eggs and scramble those into your pan.
When eggs are partway cooked, add a handful of finely chopped spinach
When eggs are cooked toss in:
handful of grated cheese, handful of crushed nacho chips and enough tomato salsa to taste.
Mix well and keep stirring until cheese melts.
Garnish with avocado slices and fresh coriander (cilantro) leaves.

So fast and so very yum. The perfect weekend brunch treat.
These quantities are for one serving but you can tweak it to feed more.
I love Mexican food.

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