outfit and assistant

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Just ignore the floor that might need a vaccuum and feast your eyes on this dance of colour.
Yup, that was my town outfit a few days ago.  It is always interesting to see the reactions of others when i dress, er, loudly. (And lets face it, there are also days when jeans and whatever it takes to blend in will do just fine)

 As ever, usually just out of screen view, or edited out, is my trusty helper…

Doing nifty stylist tricks like adding a weapon (in the form of one of the hundreds of ‘special’ sticks we have).

 Just what it needed, no?

Stretch velour dress from Surge via trademe.co.nz – $19
Vintage mint cardigan from Salvation Army – $3.50
‘Pink legs’ (that’s my assistant talking) – .50 cents from Salvation Army – brand new too
Handstitched black leather shoes, italian no less – $20 also from trademe
Stick – free
Assistant – wages for the photo shoot paid in Feijoa cake

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