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 This is a recent secondhand acquisition. Worn as soon as it arrived in the post and a perfect fit. I may or may not have slept in it – but that would only have been ’cause i loved it so much. It has a gather, a sort of empire line to it that flatters the mama you see, plus with the kick ass cowboy edge, the hardwearing-wipe off-child-splatter sort of vintage fabric and the snap closures which makes getting undressed so much more fun.

A cowgirl style shirt upcycled from vintage fabric. Seems a label in the US (Urban Outfitters) has an vintage:upcyling:remade sort of sub-label called – Urban Renewal. I love the idea.

Lets hope it takes off and more labels get into it…goodness knows there is enough stuff in the world. Plus, i can see upcycled labels like this with a potential to buying off crafty folks like me and you. Good plan.
And i love the quirky little detail in the back, hidden under the collar, where you can see the embroidery from the original shirt disappear under the seam. Clothes like this have history. They have attitude.
I like that.
Oh yes, and it’s time for Rikrak studio’s Handmade Olympics…you can nominate your favourite creations and crafty blog in seven handmade events. It’s one of those fun community building bloggy events. Check it out and nominate what inspires you HERE. I think they close tonight. I know exactly who i want on that list…see you over there.

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