stumbling along

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 I have just been stumbling along lately. Busily, and fairly happily, but it is one of those times in life when a bunch of the big decisions that need answering are all clamouring for my attention at once. House, learning journey’s (i don’t want to call it ‘schooling’…i’d like the term to leave space for more choice than that implies), kidlets…you know…just life in all its beautiful complexity. I’ve been burning the dinner, forgetting stuff and just feeling tired lately. I am doing things to feed me. Sneaking them in where i can. A cup of tea on the deck, a foot bath, a walk down to the garden, a visit with a friend. I find myself sitting still just every now and then and just breathing deep, stilling my circling mind, and just breathing. Only a few minutes sometimes but it really helps. A little bit of mama-time in the day. A kind of natural meditation for busy people if you will. 

And i am eyeing up the sewing table. Those of you who have been around these here parts awhile know that sewing (especially done late at night) is considered a form of therapy right? Well, i stumbled across Liesl Gibson’s new range of patterns for women. Lisette. For 50% off at Spotlight. (Discreet cartwheel in a quiet aisle ensued). This last one is my very favourite, but despite sending various folk in to search their local store, not a one in my size was found. But, i did get to give this one to a dear friend and that made me happy. Btw, Liesl is the woman behind the gorgeous childrens Oliver and S patterns. That is one talented lady.

 Now, a late night scramble through my fabric stash…this new acquisition of a vintage print perhaps? Hmm.

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