Sew Fun workshop

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I have persuaded the lovely Angela Carter of Mermaid’s Purse to run the Sew Fun Workshop with me.
All you people who have been asking and asking me to run a workshop again…here it is!
And it is going to be fun. That is for sure.

Learn to sew in good company…you walk away with something beautiful you make yourself…and empowered to make MORE. (Warning: Creating can be highly addictive, the workshop facilitators cannot be held responsible for any ensuing loss of sleep, or obsessive hoarding of fabric :-))

City, the loveliness otherwise known as the NZ Cupcake Queen is providing, yes! Her delicious cupcakes for morning tea. (Reason alone to come to the workshop if you ask me).

Saturday 19th May
Titirangi Community Centre

Buttons to share and workshop page here on the blog will come this weekend but i am so excited i wanted to give you a little heads up. Email me or leave a comment if you are interested in the workshop. Numbers are limited. We want to make sure everyone gets the attention they need. Cost is $75. Special price for this Sew Fun workshop’s launch. Given its Ange and i giving the workshop, we’re talking modern designs with a vintage twist, and quite possibly upcycled and vintage fabric involved. Just sayin!

There was a time in the US when i gave a range of workshops internationally (Plants as Medicine, Creating Healthy Culture, How to give a rocking good workshop, Living Holistically to name a few) and i truly loved that work. I am stoked to be plotting workshops in NZ finally. Yay!

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