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 These are some recent second hand finds that i love.

 I find it interesting that i often find things in secondhand shops in the same theme/pattern or colour over a period of time. Definitely have some sort of purple strange patterny kind of a thing going on at the moment. All contemporary design too….no vintage! Just in case you were concreting me into any sort of a box there.

 Happy with this bag. I usually make my own (gasps of surprise there i am sure!)…but this one sang out to me the minute i walked into the Salvation Army store. It was brand new with its tags. Has abundant pockets (you know, for acorns, coloured pens, feathers and rocks) and is made of some super strong waterproof scratchproof fabric. Yup. It has found it’s true home.

 (and, okay, i had to admit to a little satisfaction when i searched the brand online and saw what they cost new. Just a little victory dance. Little little one)

The stripe/polka dot monki shirt from sweden was under $10 too. Love it. The go-to perk me up wear.
That purple thing again. The same day i found a pile of cool purple stripy theme European designer gear for Jed too. See? That theme thing again…anyone else find this?!

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