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 The lovely Annie B came over to my stall at Kraftbomb the other day with her arms full. A pile of beautiful crafty books and some fabric she’d picked up in an op shop for the wee man. That was it, i was lost in ‘The Children’s Year’ by Stephanie Cooper, Christine Fynes-Clinton and Marye Rowling for the rest of the market. She has made everything in it as her kidlets grew up and now has passed it on to me and it just feels so darn special. I have gazed longingly at it in Forest Folk store (at our local Steiner school) but always put it in the ‘one day when i have some money’ basket. Thank you dear Annie. It has found a good home here.

 Just the cover of this one is enough to inspire.

 The next day i came home to a delicious package of retro and vintage fabric scraps through Notchka’s  Scrap Bag Swap. It’s meant to be anonymous i think but i was so glad that the lovely lady over at Mushroom Lane popped one of her card’s in. I am all about the community aspect of blogging and i love meeting new folks through these things. And besides, it made me feel a little less cheeky when i popped a GrowMama card in with my Scrap Bag parcel i sent out this week!

And she popped a wee surprise in with all that retro goodness: one of her bars of soap. Yum. You can read about her soap HERE and it’s available in her Felt store HERE.
Lucky me huh?!

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