7 days of blogging 4/7 – mama style

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So, i have received a few emails from readers asking if i had thought about doing a ‘what i wore wednesday’ kinda of a post. The short answer is no. Accompanied by a fit of giggles at the question. This is the woman who refused to wear pink or a skirt or a dress for nigh on ten years. Granted these were my radical days on the frontlines of social change and environmental work and i was living out of: 1) a backpack and 2) dumpsters, but still.
I live out in a fairly isolated community by a wild surf beach in the bush these days…so, lets just say there is no flash or bling on an everyday basis out here. Plus, i’m like Jed…real big on comfort. Mostly our clothes are handmade or bought secondhand. Not that should stop you looking all high fashion if thats what you’re into. Totally do-able on a budget if you ask me, you just need vision and a few op shopping and seamstressy type skills.
I do love putting outfits together, i take after my Nana in that, but what i love the most is how different i can feel and how that comes out in how i dress. Beach or no beach, if i want to dress up, i will. Or i can look like the picture above and wear discordant colours and legwarmers that i found in an op shop for 10c and i suspect started life as the sleeves of a jumper.
Oh yeah, and there’s the wee issue on not liking to pose for photos. I’m big on the ‘catching life as it flies’ school of photography.
But i will share with you a few vintage finds from this season. I am very fond of vintage and handmade knits. The little guy is often sporting a handmade woollen vest. And the mama? Looking forward to ditching the jeans/dresses/leggings/cardigan winter combinations for the sundress/tunic and gaucho pants i favour in the summer months. Totally recovered from my aversion to pink, skirts and dresses you will notice!

These are all under ten dollars from op shops or online trading. As is most of my clothes.

I have secret desire to learn how to knit one day…i am always in awe of knitters. A few friends have tried but, well, here i am, still decidedly NOT knitting! Sigh.

Couldn’t resist popping in this one of Jed proudly rocking his new favourite vintage knit: an astoundingly red vest with pocket and ladybird buttons. This lovely number set us back $2. The hat was $4 newly knitted, also from one of our favourite church run op shops.

Oh, and if you are looking for ‘what we wore’ type of posts…look no further than Ms Bleubird Vintage and family... someone sent me a link last night…how styley are they?!

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