walking through the ages

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After Kraftbomb on Sunday, i legged it across town to the Auckland Vintage Textile Fair.

A first timer, i had no idea what to expect. What i got was a delightful wander back through the ages. Even some of the stall holders had taken the opportunity to dress in their favourite vintage get ups. I love that. Vintage patterns, hats, books, trims and haberdashery, clothes of all sorts and era’s, shoes, linen, and of course pile upon pile of vintage fabric. From pricey collectors items to folks thinning out their fabric stash.

These vintage feedsacks brought back memories of my time living the Americas. Sigh. I miss those yard sales Charlottesville…then i got to thinking about the Perpignan fleamarkets and Emmaus (a church run secondhand bonanza of places throughout rural France) on the road back home up to the Pyrenean mountains where i lived. That place pretty much furnished our home and the gite to boot. Not to mention clothed us. Sigh again. I have to settle for Auckland Salvation Army stores and the odd garage sales these days. It just ain’t the same. High class problem i know. I am not cleaning up after an earthquake nor hurricane like many friends at Twin Oaks Community in Central Virginia where i used to live. My thoughts to y’all.

I miss my people in those places more than the thrift stores.A modest smattering of vintage fabrics found their way home with me. And quite a number of these delightful vintage scrap decals. I am crafting at every opportunity at the moment (one could say at a frantic pace – as you’ll see in the days to come) and my mind is already whirling to where i might use these. Some i have put aside for Jed’s friend Sofia and her lovely mama, Stacey. Others are up on my inspiration board. And there are plenty more to play with. What a treat.

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