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Three days into this ‘seven days of consecutive blogging’…i bring you…THE lemon tart. Actually, i threw blueberries in at the last minute and that was perfect: We were expecting a large family of friends over for dinner. The dinner was cancelled, so we got landed with eating the whole lemon tart. Bother! I had felt daunted by making a lemon tart and it was so satisying to give it a go. That it turned out so delicious and professional looking was a bonus. I loved how the blueberries gave this little burst of sweet berry flavour in the midst of all that lemony goodness. The tart didn’t last as long as i thought it would. Lemon and Blueberry tart You’ll need: 400 g of homemade sweet short pastry Handful of fresh blueberries 5 eggs 1 cup sugar 4 1/2 tbsp fresh lemon juice 2 tsp lemon zest 2/3 cup cream Line your flan tin with pastry and bake blind. Beat eggs and sugar together. Stir in cream. Pour into flan case. Sprinkle blueberries in. Bake at 150 c until set. Approx 40 minutes. Easy Peasy. Really truly. I took the recipe from Lesley Christensen-Yule and Hamish McRae’s, The Cooks Bible.This is the main text book for chef’s training in New Zealand and is a great all round cookbook. The blueberries was my addition. Jed made these little old fashioned jam tarts with the leftover homemade pastry. Perfect for a mouse’s teaparty, ala Brambly Hedge.

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    I left a comment but it didn't post! Maybe I forgot to wait and type in the syllables. What I said was, that my favourite food was my mother's lemon meringue pie, and your blog had me tasting it all over again.

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